We advise, develop profitable solutions and manufacture with modern production processes.

Multi-stage presses.
Precision in one-second intervals.


As the cake bases and the fillings of a black forest cake gets stacked carefully on top of each other the single process steps in the forming succeed.

Furthermore we dispose of extensive machinery at fully automatic multistage presses up to 20.000 kN. In up to 5 stages, components in large series are produced on these high-performance presses.
The mechanical multi-stage presses allow production quantities of up to 40 parts per minute in a length of up to 550 mm and with weights up to approx. 10 kg. Thereby an excellent cost-effectiveness ratio for the benefit of the customer is achieved.

Take. Assemble. Ready.
mechanical processing.

More and more, components are turned into a ready-to-install state by mechanical processing like drilling, turning, milling or broaching. Highly productive automatic stand-alone machines and interlinked production lines guarantee large quantities on a constantly high quality level.
Our production range comprises all requested processes, including highly precise internal and external tooth systems manufactured in a non-machining process. Furthermore we can apply additional technologies like plastic coating or surface treatments.

Cold forging.


Cold forging offers extraordinary production possibilities with great synergy effects. Therefore totally new solutions are found so that entire process steps can be dropped and manufacture processes can be cut down. Furthermore cold forging saves material and resources.

Cold-forged parts are characterized due to their shape and size accuracy in near-net-shape quality.

Due to a manufacture process with an uninterrupted fiber flow, the parts have high component strength.

Pure Power.
Our hydraulic presses.

Our quality speaks for itself.

Thus we can economically manufacture small and medium production lots of components with dimensions of up to 1.000 mm of length and 40 kg of weight per piece.
On hydraulic presses that develop a press capacity of up to 30.000 kN, we manufacture products with heavy weights per part and large dimensions. Robots take over the automatic feed and guarantee a productive functioning.

Our toolshop.
Always reliable.

Best ingredients
for best

A major part of our know-how concentrates on the development and construction of tools. Approximately 95 % of the required tools are produced in our own tool shop. For this reason we can turn our customers’ construction specifications promptly into high-quality tools for the best production results.
Short ways are securing reliable supplies of our production with spare tooling as well as the quick development of prototype tools and their integration into serial production.